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Above: This Video Shows the process Of an actual roof cleaning.

           Welcome to our video page. This is where you can view a quick example of the low pressure cleaning process. There are several key differences between the conventional High Pressure Cleaning and the process we call Low Pressure Cleaning.

           For starters, we do not need the use of pressure to obtain the results that give you a brillant roof when we're finished cleaning it. Companies that clean using a power washer or a pressure cleaner must reach a certain pressure to remove the stains from your roof. The "pressure cleaner" will blast an average of 3,000psi, pounds per square inch, across the top of every tile on your roof in order to essentially push the stain (mold, dirt, and debris) down off of the roof. Some tile manufacturers are now recommending that you have your roof cleaned with a pressure of 1,200psi or less. High pressure cleaning receives its results through the removal of a layer of the surface that you are cleaning.


           Low pressure cleaning has been referred to by many different names such as Soft washing, Chemical wash, low pressure washing, and of course low pressure cleaning. Here at All American Roof Cleaning, we like to refer to it as the 'Low Pressure Solution'  hence our slogan. The main difference between the two is the manner in which the cleaning itself is accomplished. When using a low pressure cleaning method you are not blasting away the stain by forceful pressure but instead you are actually gently washing the surface that you are cleaning by breaking down the bonds that have been formed between the stain and the surfce. Once the chemical is applied we can effectively wash away the stains on your roof without the need of high pressure. 

Low Pressure Solutions

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