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Preventative Roof Maintenance

Just as the name says, the 'Preventative' service we offer will prevent your roof from ever being dirty!

This is how it works..

Your roof gets dirty, or you get that routine HOA letter, and you call us! After we complete your scheduled cleaning your roof will look brand new again!

At this point, you can either wait, until your roof looks dirty again or you get your promised HOA letters, OR , six months after your initial roof cleaning, you have us come back to apply a simple algeacide treatment to your roof which will stop those pesty mold spores and prevent their growth!


So, instead of waiting until your roof looks like this      to call us,

just ask us about our preventative Maintenance Service and your roof can look like this! all the time!

Contact us today for your residential or commercial roof cleaning and find out more about how your roof can ALWAYS look brand new!

Prices for the preventative application starting at just $69.99

(Prices vary based on size and location of the roof)

Low Pressure Solutions

All American Roof 



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