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Home Watch

For some, being a Florida resident is a part time thing. For half the year, or for any amount of time that your home and belongings are left behind, who is taking care of them? How will you know if something in your home needs immediate attention, and if so, who would be there to help your situation? For those who don't have someone they can count on to be there in any and all times of need, now you do!

We love making SWFLA beautiful every day, now we want to provide peace of mind to those who need it as well!

Lets face it, you might not always have someone you can call for help when hundreds of miles away, but you do now!

          What we promise to do for you-

  • Availability, when YOU need it

  • Scheduled home visits

  • Visual inspections outside and inside of home

  • Keeping up your homes apperance

  • Check and run faucets

  • Make sure A.C. is working 

  • Checking inside and outside lighting 

  • Starting and running vehicles

  • Checking Mail

  • Availability for delivered packages

  • Available for other vendors at your home

  • ....And so much more!

 What we will do at your home will be personalized to fit your needs and wants!​

Call or TXT - 239.898.3053
Or, if you would like US to contact YOU, simply fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you!

We will be contacting you shortly. Thank you!

Low Pressure Solutions

All American Roof 



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