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Posted below are our top five most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Chemical do you use?

      We only use one chemical; Sodium Hypochlorite; commonly known as bleach. We use no other harmful chemicals in our mix. We simply use a mixture of bleach and water. The results are proven, mold is a fungus that can't compete with our "solution". 


Will the bleach harm my plants?


      Here at All American Roof Cleaning we take preventative measures to protect your landscaping as well as your lawn while we clean your roof​.  Where gutters are not in place, we take the time to cover all of your landscaping with several tarps to prevent any damaging effects from the bleach dripping on to your foliage. Where gutters are located, we redirect the outlets on the down spouts to insure no root damage to your plants as well. With proper attention and care you can rest assured we will leave your plants the way we find them. We'll worry about the plants so you don't have to.


Above you can see the side of a home where plants were tarped over to protect them from the solution.

Do you walk on the roof?

      The answer is Yes, we do walk on your roof. However; we guarantee no broken tiles or we will repair them the same day.  Already have a broken or slipped tile you know about? Let us fix it while we are there.  With over four years of experience of cleaning roofs, repairing roof leaks, and replacing broken tiles we are confident that we can clean your roof without damaging any of your roof tiles. We specialize in cleaning older spanish tile roofs, 25+ years, but we are not limited to that alone.


Here you can see a roof where tiles were replaced before the roof cleaning took place.

Are you Licensed and Insured?

      Yes, we are fully Licensed and Insured. Most roof cleaners who can beat our prices are not! Before you book with another company, make sure you ask for a copy of their insurance. Although insurance is not hard to aquire, It is very costly. In order to have the proper insurance for actually cleaning a roof rather then just exterior pressure washing a company must invest more money. Don't schedule your next roof cleaning with a company who is not properly insured. Copies of our insurance and or License are available at anytime when booking a job with All American Roof Cleaning, LLC. 


What about the walls of my home? 

No worries there either. While One person is on the roof cleaning, another is always on the ground following him around. The ground man's job includes rinsing your exterior walls to protect them from streaks on the paint and making sure no plants are compromised at the same time.



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